Thursday, June 14, 2007

White Flag

Ok, Universe, I give up. You are bigger than me. You are better than me. You are stronger and faster and much, much tougher than me. I concede. You win.

Now please can this be over?

In the last three weeks, the following has happened...

  • I was solo mom for two weeks while MonkeyDad was in Hawaii (no big deal in and of itself, but wait! There's more...)
  • My major project for the year was due (massive hours of work and I have no support/backup).
  • My car battery died a big, fat death while the Monkey and I were down at my office one night after dinner (thus stranding us, by the time we got it towed and got home again, until 10:30 p.m. )
  • I got a parking ticket (while I was interviewing for a promotion) informing me that my license plates had expired (apparently the MVA doesn't bother to forward the renewal thing when you move...ugh)
  • My project lagged behind, causing me to work more and sleep less
  • The Monkey broke his arm and had to be sedated, stay overnight in the hospital, get a cast, and other generally unpleasant things
  • I had to stay up all night (literally) to finish/submit my project so that it would be on time
  • I was not selected for the promotion (though they were very nice about telling me they didn't want me)
  • The Monkey has to go BACK in tomorrow for another "procedure" (a.k.a. sugery, only without the blood -- they call it a "closed reduction") because his little bones are no longer aligned properly in the 475lb cast on his arm. So they're going to, basically, do it all over again. Square 1, like whoa.

Really, really. I'm done.

Please, can I be done?

So. Done. Gah!

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towwas said...

Oh, ok, I got your text message about the second procedure being successful but didn't know he'd had the second procedure. So now I know. Glad to hear it went well - so I assume he didn't have to stay overnight this time?