Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Body Body

My doctor's office just called to give me the results of my first-ever health screening blood work check. (I'm sure there's a better name for it, but that's the best I can do right now) And the results are...

I'm healthy! Officially, certifiably, almost-entirely healthy!

You want numbers? Ok!!

My overall cholesterol was 180 (200 is the top limit for "good").
My "bad" cholesterol was 99 (100 is the top limit for "good").
My "good" cholesterol was "really high" (she didn't give me numbers. Poo.)
I'm not diabetic or borderline diabetic or anything diabetical. Woohoo!

The only thing that kept me out of the "entirely and without reservation-ly healthy" category is that my thyroid showed a blip for being underactive. A normal reading is 5.5 and mine registered a 5.7. She said this is not a significant result necessarily, but since it was outside the range, they highlighted it. For due diligence, I should get a full screening, etc.

That's probably the least surprising thing she could have told me. I mean, my mom has an underactive thyroid and has been on the meds for almost as long as I can remember...and my sister just got her official diagnosis and started the treatment...so there is some heritage-based reason to think that I might be a little sluggish in that area.

Well, ok, and anyone who's ever seen me could probably diagnose at a glance that my body favors storage. Heh.

What's surprising though is that it didn't really impact me all that much emotionally. I mean, unless it's seriously out of whack, I don't intend to do anything about it right now-- at least not medicinally. I started modifying my diet a little over a week ago and I've felt remarkably better since...so I think I'll stick with that and the occasional bit of moving around and see what comes of it before I dive headlong into medication that I'll probably have to take for the rest. of. my. life. (because that's just such a daunting prospect...ugh!). I'm also on the hunt for nutritional/natural approaches to thyroid support...just so it doesn't dip anymore into the red zone.

So...ok. Everything's good but my body favors storage. That means I'll never have the luxury of permanently throwing caution to the wind and embrace full-scale dietary extravagance. Meh. In the grand scheme of a life, I'm pretty sure I can live with that....and, if the numbers are any indication, I'll be living with it a long time.


towwas said...

Hey. Your body's looking out for you - who knows when the famine will hit. Great news about all the numbers! Woo!!

BASSO said...

...Woo and Hoo! Oh, you'll know when the thyroid really needs attention -- you'll be driving into work and hear song on the radio (or a new story) then start sobbing uncontrollably - really, you'll know...then there is the numbing fatigue (which you probably have for other reasons - like NO NAPS).... You'll know. Storage is a good thing up to a point, the sobbing thing will get you motivated.