Saturday, March 24, 2007


I'm starting to get the hang of this weekend thing. I was in bed at 10 last night...and didn't roll out this morning til almost 8. Granted, it was broken sleep...between the little guy waking up a time or two and a handful of text messages from friends out doing various adventuresome things at all hours...but, hey, when you're in bed for 10 hours, it sort of doesn't matter if only 8 of them are spent sleeping. (besides, I'm still sort of new enough at this whole cell phone thing that text messages at 4 a.m. make me feel a little like a rockstar)

And now I'm in a sweatshirt and sleep pants, soaking up the early springness of the day (read: dreary, gloomy, rainy, cool and absolutely fabulous)...happy with the fact that I made coffee and bacon for me and pancakes for the Monkey....and thrilled that there's absolutely not one single thing we have to do today.

As a bonus, I'm now caught up on a few of the 6435731 blogs that I haven't managed to post over the last few weeks. Oh yeah. I'm definitely getting the hang of the weekend thing.


BASSO said...

..great blogs - I LOVE the boots, why do they wear those boots? I'm glad to see things are sorting out and you can ENJOY a weekend or two. More? :}

grrrbear said...

Yeah, weekends *rule*! I get one all to myself next weekend, but I think it's probably going to be taken up with some much-needed spring-cleaning.