Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Open Sunday

The "Coming Soon" sign in my front yard has now been replaced by the "Open Sunday" sign. T-5 days and counting before the open house. The to-do list is at once staggering and dwindling.

Today: take latest donatables to...somewhere; clean whole house
Wednesday: stagers come; take before and after pictures for bloggy goodness; make limbs in back yard disappear
Thursday: steam clean carpets
Friday: replace moved furniture from steam cleaning; clean out laundry room drawers/cabinets; do not mess up house
Saturday: do not mess up house
Sunday: spot clean; disappear in time for open house; hope like hell someone wants to buy it

Monday: clean before work; hope like hell someone wants to see/buy house
Repeat ad infinitum

I am, at once, both excited and terrified.

Oh, forces of good in the Universe, please align and let the perfect buyer show up, be appropriately impressed, and snatch my little house up.


towwas said...

Woo! Open house! Woo!!!

BASSO said...
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grrrbear said...

Good luck with the open house! I hope your home is flooded with drunken rich people with bags of money and no sense of fiscal responsibility!

BASSO said...

Dilemma, duality, dichotomy, bifurcated, but may the Three Kings show up at your house bearing Gold and only gold! None of the fragrant gum resin from the Boswellia Burseraceae tree, nor any of that other gum resin stuff from the Commiphora abyssinica with its bitter pungent taste and all that...yea!

BASSO said...

OK - sooooo, how did it go?

Anonymous said...


Did you make it through the open house unscathed?

towwas said...

So, what's the word on the open-house-o-rama? Also, are we all calling you Scoot now?

BASSO said...

...hello, Earth to Scooter, Earth to Scooter....