Thursday, December 28, 2006


Look, Mom! I'm all shiny and new in my new (not-beta) blogger clothes.

...or, alternately, please tell me if anything looks weird or ceases to function altogether.


UPDATE: I like my new little scrolly archive bar over there on the right. It tells me how many posts I've posted each I can look back and go "ooh...I was all Slackmaster L in October." If the fascination doesn't wear off, it might give me even more incentive to post completely random tchochke. Yay!

UPDATE (2): You knew I was going to do it, right? Yeah, you did. I just calculated the average, and since I started, I've averaged 13 posts a month.


towwas said...

Oh! Mine didn't come with a scrolly archive bar! I want a scrolly archive bar! And averages!!

...must go look at blog design options...

I Blog, You Blog said...

I used a calculator to do the averages. I know...I know. It's totally dated technology when there's a perfectly good version of Excel at my fingertips...but I was feeling old-school. Rawr!

towwas said...

No, a calculator would be much better, unless there's some way to cut & paste out of pull-down menus.