Sunday, December 31, 2006

Return of the Monkey

The Monkey got home on Friday night from his week+ in Texas. He came back to me yesterday morning -- still fighting strep and loads of fatigue. Within 30 minutes of being here he managed to poop and puke.

Mmm. Welcome home little guy.

This morning we had Christmas...which was fun. Santa stuffed everyone's stockings and the Monkey loved everything he got. I know this because of his dramatic deliveries: Oh...thank you, Mommy, THANK YOU!

And that was great, of course, but greater was the fact that the Monkey and MonkeyDad got me the entire series of Arrested Development on DVD!!! I'm finally going to know what all the hoopla's about. It was like unwrapping my invitation to a secret club. I actually think I squealed.

I might squeal again.


Ok, yes, it's probably silly to get excited over a TV show...but just think! Now I can blog cryptically about AD things. Much like how I couldn't quite stop talking about Captain Tightpants after last year's Christmas haul. And it's a completely brilliant plan: forego watching TV for years at a time...then catch up on only the coolest shows on DVD, minus the commercials and the weekly couch commitment. It rocks!


(yeah, that's annoying...I'll stop now.)


towwas said...

Welcome home, monkey!
I would like to feel that I had some part in both of those most excellent dvd choices - I believe I introduced monkeydad to Firefly. And this year, when he was like, hey, I'm thinking about getting monkeymom Arrested Development, I said oh yes, good idea. See? Deeply influential, I am.

J.Bro said...

Secret club indeed. I'll even teach you the handshake, which involves dancing while wagging your hand on your forehead and sing-songing cheee-chah-cheee-chah!

I Blog, You Blog said...

*squeal*, but aren't you going to get in trouble for divulging the components of the secret handshake??