Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You May Throw Stones Now

I had another grocery adventure with the Monkey tonight. The prized catch of the evening (at least as far as he was concerned) was a big box of Chocolate Lucky Charms. Did you know that Lucky Charms can be dessert? Oh yes. Absolutely!

In the interest of science, I had a little bowl myself. While I found them
absolutely preferable to regular Lucky Charms, I was still faced with the same general dilemma: I don't like Lucky Charms. It's hard to admit that, actually, because I know Lucky Charms is tantamount to cereal-nirvana for many...but the harsh, cold reality is just that: I don't like them.

So I started thinking about other things I don't particularly like...things that other people would deem me unCool or unAmerican for disliking...things that you can only admit in hushed tones behind closed doors...or, you know, on the internet.

1. Lucky Charms -- this has been covered

2. Mashed Potatoes -- actually, worse than the fact that I don't generally like mashed potatoes is the fact that I do kinda like instant mashed potatoes. It's shameful (but a yummy conduit for butter and salt)

3. Pumpkin Pie -- except for my pumpkin pie...which doesn't have that bitter, pumpkinny flavor.

4. Starbucks Coffee -- and yes...I know...I get Starbucks coffee a couple of times a week because of the social aspects of it...but given the choice? I'd pick Dunkin Donuts every time. Mmmm....

5. Guinness -- it's not that I don't like stout, because I do. It's not that I don't like dark beer, because I really, really do. It's about the bubbles. Turns out, I like my beer to have bubbles and Guinness just doesn't. I want to like it. I've tried to like it. But to no avail.

6. Pasta -- the issue here is less about liking it going down and all about really not liking that dead-weight feeling in my stomach. It's like my stomach doesn't quite know how to digest it. But, having said that, I will absolutely eat spaghettios on occasion. Probably because they only vaguely resembles pasta.

Probably there's more, but this is all I can think of at the moment...and it's enough to make me feel vaguely freakish (not, I should point out, that feeling freakish is a particularly new experience for me...)

Want to keep me company? Jump into the pit of despair with me and confess your own naughty-dislikes....


J.Bro said...

I've read that Dunkin Donuts laces their coffee with cocaine. I can't verify it, but I read about it on the internet and why would the internet lie to me?

Spice said...

I don't like any of the Lord of the Rings movies (okay, I never saw #3 because I didn't like the first two). I also don't like coffee.

Do you not like potatoes in general, or just when they're mashed? In other words, is it a taste thing or a texture thing or what?

I Blog, You Blog said...

Whatever they're doing to DD coffee, JBro (master of personal excellence), they can keep doing. I'm perfectly o-tay with it. *bliss* :)

I like other kinds of potatoes...fried, frenched, hashed, baked, etc. Mashed, though just doesn't do it for me. I'm ok with calling it "a texture thing"...

...but I told someone that once and (after the obligatory whining about my anti-mashed-tater stance) they tried to liken the texture of mashed potatoes to the texture of pudding.

Which is not, to my way of thinking, even remotely related.

towwas said...

Let's see. Well, there's cheese, but you already knew that. Beer, which always confuses people. (I like *alcohol* - I just don't like beer. Or white wine. See? Confusing.) Coffee, which not only tastes nasty but also gives you bad breath. And, like you with pasta, I enjoy spinach, but I don't like what it does in my digestive tract.