Sunday, November 12, 2006


Here's a month's worth of Monkey faces and storylettes. It is, unquestionably, a blatant hail mary for missing Saturday's post.

Look! Cute kid!

He got Spongebob pajamas.

Now, I realize that getting Spongebob pajamas is hardly a blogworthy event, but look! They're flannel...and button down...and he looks like a tiny little big-guy (cartoon character notwithstanding). They're ridiculously cute and they look really comfy.

I kinda want Spongebob pajamas.

The Monkey got invited to a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party. I think it's entirely possible that he's been to a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party before, but this was my first one.

I have one word for you: overstimulation.

I love this picture of Monkey and Mouse because he looks about as freaked-out as I felt for most of the day.!

This was not the Monkey's Halloween costume. It was, in fact, MonkeyDad's "costume." As he told it, one of the professors upstairs brought in a big box of wigs and stuff and let people come grab things so as to appear festive.

He looked at me and deadpanned, "It was, quite literally, the least I could do."

This, however, is the MysticMonkey...with his MysticMonkeyMuscles (note impressive chest-to-waist ratio). You can probably totally tell anyway, but in case it's not just patently obvious: he's powering up here. He's just finished a dramatic delivery of "Magical source...mystic force!"

Also, you've probably already noticed two faux-pas in this picture (three if you count the fact that he's not wearing his face mask)...but I'll point them out so that you'll know that I know and we can commence with the verbal lashings...

First, the gloves. I'll just say that it's *really* hard to get teensy little 4-year-old fingers into those teensy little fingerholes. Especially when said fingers are attached to the rest of the 4-year-old who's so excited to trick-or-treat that he can't. stand. still. for! another!! second!!! *kapow*

Second...yes. That is, in fact, a Power Rangers SPD battelizer...not, in fact, the Power Rangers Mystic Force magistaff. The magistaff and boot toppers that went with the costume were both misplaced somewhere. We made a last minute substitution. All apologies to the purists among you.

/cute kid.

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