Friday, November 17, 2006

Mommy, tell me a Fruit Loops story!

In the Land of Breakfast everyone ate toast. Every. Single. Day. Mostly it was plain toast...but on special occasions, they'd have toast with butter. On Christmas, they'd have toast with jam. But, you know, even with the jam, it was still....just a lot of toast.

One day a stranger came to town. He looked different from the people of the Land of Breakfast. He wore clothes of bright and yellow and orange and purple and green. (Everyone in the Land of Breakfast just wore know, because of the toast.) The Mayor came out to meet the stranger and welcome him to their town. The stranger asked where all the colors had gone...and the Mayor simply said "We just eat toast."

So the stranger decided then and there that he would fix the town. He wasn't sure how...but he knew there had to be a way to save them from the toast. As he was walking around the streets, he noticed a path with little circles down the middle of it. The path led into the forest. The stranger decided to follow the path.

Deeper and deeper into the woods it went...farther and farther away from the Land of Breakfast. He followed and followed until the path ended: right at the base of a giant mountain. The stranger looked around; he wasn't sure what to do next. He'd almost decided to climb the mountain when he saw it. There, behind some branches, was a wooden lever.

He pushed down on the lever and a great door opened in front of him revealing the entryway to an enormous cave. It was dark, but he could see that deep within, something was glowing. Slowly, the stranger entered the cave and stopped to listen.

But he didn't hear anything.

Slowly....carefully....he made his way down the long passageway toward the glowing light. When he arrived, he saw that he'd found exactly what he was looking for: an enormous cavern filled with Fruit Loops. He scooped as much of the cereal as he could into his backpack and hurried back to town.

In the Land of Breakfast, the stranger gave out all the Fruit Loops to the townspeople. Suddenly, their clothes became colorful...the sun shone more brightly...and, mostly, no one ever had to eat toast again. know, unless they just wanted some.

The End.


I know. Bad, right? But it was totally off the top of my head -- because he was adamantly refusing to go to sleep without hearing a Fruit Loops story.

And hey...he's 4. He thought it was rockin' cool! He even told it back to me...only in his version, there was a giant gorilla toward the end that kidnapped all the townspeople. The stranger freed them by hitting the gorilla over the head with a stick -- thereby making the gorilla say "ouch" before joining the townspeople in a fruit loop breakfast.

I suggested that in future stories, perhaps we could avoid being mean to the gorilla. He assured me that the gorilla was ok and ultimately became friends with the townspeople.

Oh. So...I guess that's good?!


BASSO said...

...and then, and then...the gorilla was happy and climbed the tree and, and, remember, when the gorilla kidnapped the people and, and.....and it goes on for EVER. But I love it. C-girl came over tonight to read - yeah, really read - a book I bought for her a couple of weeks ago at B&N - one of those level one deals. It's amazing! BTW, Madama Butterfly was a hit, i quote, "I didn't hate it...." Yes! Next, Die Walkyre! OK, that may be pushing the "Screaming Lady" quotient a little....but, hey, who knows!

J.Bro said...

I tucked Melanie in with your story last night (with proper citation, of course). She didn't think it was quite as magical, but 17 year-olds are so jaded about everything.

ImpetuousProse said...

I'm not four and I liked it!