Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Mayflower Bumped Into A Rock

Tonight's foray into extemporaneous speaking, at the request of the Monkey with his mouth stuffed to overflowing with chicken nugget, was the Thanksgiving story. I'm not doing the whole thing narrative-style because I'm a lil too tired, but I told him...

...how John Smith brought his pilgrim friends on a long boat ride across the ocean on the Mayflower (can you say Mayflower?) and they knew they'd made it here because they bumped into Plymouth (no...no, babe...not Flymouth...P-p-p-plymouth) Rock here in America (yes, that's right, where we live) and they decided to build houses out of sticks and stay awhile (oh...yeah, I guess it is like the first little pig, but that's not the point...)

...and then how John and the gang met up with the Indians (also known as "native Americans," because they were here first) and how they all shared knowledge with each other. The Pilgrims taught the Indians about...um...Pilgrim things...and the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to grow corn and...um...live on the land...and...er...stuff (sheesh it's been a long time since I've thought about this story...no one mentioned I'd have to do homework as a Mom! Grr...).

...and then, when the fall came like it is now and the leaves were all on the ground and it started to get cold, the Pilgrims invited the Indians for a big feast. They ate turkey and corn and potatoes and green beans and they made pies out of their pumpkins. And the Pilgrims were really thankful for all the help the Indians gave them and the Indians were thankful for the Pilgrims...and everyone was thankful to God....


Yeah...I decided to leave out the bit about the fighting and the smallpox blankets and the land stealing and how maybe the Native Americans aren't particularly thankful anymore (nor do they have much reason to be). I figure I've got a year or three before I let him in on the politics of it all, right?

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I found that my daughters can do the same thing to me when they interject with their statements. It is too cute though!