Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Look, mom! I'm a trainwreck!

When I first ran across this post (which wasn't until last week -- I googled "circuitouslogic" just for fun), I had this sort of dizzy feeling like I might pass out from the embarrassment of it. (Oh geez...they hate me...they really hate me!!)

Then I immediately went back to see what the heck I'd been writing in January that was trainwreckworthy.

Then I got a little miffed because...

A) Olivia didn't say why I was a train wreck (Bad writing? Melodramatic schmaltz? That pesky tendency I have to use adverbs where adjectives are clearly warranted? Hello! I can't possibly be expected to obsess properly with so little information...); and then...

B) Wait a second... No comments? No hearty amens? No follow up? Come on! Where's the drama, people?!

And then I made peace with it. Because let's face it: there's only a shade of difference between "so bad you can't look away" and "so good you keep coming back for more."

...and, frankly, I'm happy to have the rogue reader for whichever reason.

So thanks for the promotion, Olivia...and welcome rubberneckers! Mi crash site es su crash site. :)


towwas said...

Well, can *I* be indignant FOR YOU? Hey! Olivia! We all hate you! Also, you smell funny! Also, IBYB is one of the good people! Also, you suck!

Ok, you can have your blog back now.


ImpetuousProse said...

I remember when I was in middle school, and I wanted to know why the girls were mean. My mom told me they just didn't know any better. So, you almost have to feel sorry for Olivia. It must be really bad if she has to post nasty things about other people in an effort to draw attention away from herself...

BASSO said...

I'm with TOWWAS - Olivia just sucks! But I would like more detail -- like where Olivia lives, a baby picture and perhaps a lock of hair.... My Voodoo shrine now has a new focus. Sreve is off the hook for now.

BASSO said...

Oh, I tried to find Olivia -- but she left no apparent tracks. I'll have to resort to more sophisticated searches -- nonparametric nonlinear search paradigms launch now.

I Blog, You Blog said...

As much as I appreciate the lovefest (and the fact that my friends would rally to my defense <3) the fact remains that there's plenty of room for dissenting opinions in the world...and in the blog.

Putting myself "out there" like this means the possibility of a bad review. Not everyone's going to understand me...and even if they did, that's not a guarantee that they'd like me or what I have to say or how I choose to say it.

I think that has to be ok.

And it has to be ok for them to express it...however they choose to express it.

I posted this entry not to inspire a hatestorm for "Olivia"...nor to garner showers of compliments for me/my writing.

I posted this entry because I bruise too easily sometimes. I posted this entry to remind myself that there will *always* be someone who disagrees with me. There will *always* be someone who doesn't like me. There will *always* be someone who thinks I suck (bigtime).

...just as there will *always* be someone who actually gets me. There will *always* be someone who values me. There will *always* be someone who might think I'm a little bit awesome.

The trick, I'm thinking, is to learn from the opinions of the well as the latter...and to always keep sight of who I am...

Understand more.
Bruise less.


...annnnd I just wrote a blog in the comments of my own blog. Heh...that's either a little hilarious or incredibly weird. :)