Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Beautiful Thing About Syzygy Is...

My weekend was marked by two outstanding evenings...

The first was another exciting Friday night journey to IHOP after a night of dancing. The IHOPian adventures are always fun. After all, very little is more amusing than people in various stages of sobriety.

...unless it's people in various stages of sobriety with an arsenal of food at their disposal. Mmm...yes. This is what makes IHOP a very special time....a special time that looks approximately like this:

That's a buttered pancake. In the eye. Isn't that special?

Saturday night brought the opportunity to engage in one of my favorite activities: a nighttime monument walk. The (National) Mall is an entirely different place at night...and well worth experiencing. It takes a specific set of events to make a nighttime monument walk work: the company has to be right (it's a long walk, so the conversation had better be good)...the evening has to be right (Saturday's humid air was, thankfully, tempered by a pleasant breeze)...and the shoes have to be right (because,'s a long walk!).

Despite my night-long inability to construct a coherent sentence...and despite the fact that I improperly used adverbs where adjectives were warranted...and despite the fact that I pulled the word "gate" when I meant "wall" to describe the construction barricades now absent around Washington Monument...and despite the fact that I couldn't quite find the path between Lincoln and FDR in the dark amid closed sidewalks...and despite the fact that my partner in crime took cheerful pleasure in my grammatical undoing (a verbal sparring match in which I was, I should note, soundly and repeatedly bested)...and, perhaps even despite the fact that I retaliated once by playfully biting his ear (an act of spontanaeity for which I may not soon be forgiven)... Despite the utter chagrin of all these things, Saturday night was entirely remarkable...proof that perhaps the planets need not fully align for very good things to happen.

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