Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Musical Whiplash

I went to see Paul Simon with TOWWAS last week and it was awesome. Her whole review is here. It was a great show. Paul is really short and looks alarmingly like a short, older Gilligan. We danced in the aisles. We danced in the grass of the "parking lot"... We sang and "danced" in the car... It was as close to being a free-dancing hippie as I'll get... It was a blast...

Friday night, I went to the last party at Nation nightclub in DC (and ran into Z-dog...hiiii Z-dog!). The lineup there was DJs from about 9:00 p.m. until approximately 6:15 a.m. the next day. It was crazy and fun. I danced in heeled boots. Apparently I danced with great enthusiasm because I'm only just now getting the feeling back in my middle toes. This, too, was a blast.

Tonight, Miss S and I are going to see the Indigo Girls at Wolf Trap. We've already arranged to split a bottle of wine before the show (but only after deciding that perhaps two bottles of wine would be overdoing it slightly) and have agreed that we will both be unable to keep from singing along. Indigo Girls shows are generally singalongs anyway...even if poor Amy and Emily don't realize it. We can't help it, we fans. We love them. We must sing. We must all pretend to be the third Indigo Girl. Oh, and also, in honor of the crowd, I'm seriously contemplating wearing my new olive green t-shirt that says "Nacho Girlfriend." I think the irony will not be lost... This should be, I predict, a blast!

Now...take a moment and contemplate:

Paul Simon.
Drum-n-Bass/Breakbeat/House DJs.
Indigo Girls.

Don't I just totally make sense to you now??

...yeah, I know. Ah well...

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miss shirley said...

Here was mine:

Indigo Girls
Eminem, Ciara, Missy Elliot and Linkin Park (on the plane to WI)
traditional Hardanger fiddle music

We are really sisters. Thanks for the rollicking good time on Wed! Woo!