Friday, May 26, 2006

Double Negative

I can't not dance.

I know that's a double negative, but it's really the best way to express it. I'm not saying that I can dance, because I'm not sure that I can...or, at least, not all that well...and not in any sort of modern, clubbish way. On the other hand, I'm far too moved by music to not dance.

I try to mind myself at clubs...maybe just let out a little head bob...stand out of the mix and take it all in... But eventually, my body is going to betray me...coiling up like a spring with every drum beat...susceptible to every ebb and flow of the tempo... I'm a musician. I don't just hear music...I feel all of the parts of me.

And eventually, those parts are going to dance.

I went out last night to support a friend of mine who was spinning at a club in DC. It was breakbeat music, which I'm just starting to learn about...and breakbeat dancing, which I know very little about (except that I was a teen in the '80s, so I remember the birth of the pop and lock, baby! :)... It's fun to watch, but I haven't spent enough time in these clubs to know how to actually dance it credibly...

I tried to lay low...chill...listen...but my body told the real story...and it must have been obvious. Eventually, I was dragged onto the (very small) dance floor. The girl that pulled me out there assured me that A) she was showing an ample amount of cleavage/skin, so any oglers in the room would be distracted by her and B) all I had to do was shake my ass anyway because no one cared... Mmm. Good points.

So I did that thing like the saying goes and danced like nobody was watching. I have no idea what I looked like...and I kind of don't care. I had a blast. I danced. I can't not!


miss shirley said...

Dancing in a club has become something so strange. I have really good rhythm and I love to dance, and in my early 20's I loved the attention that dancing brought on. So what if random guys were thinking dirty things about me while I danced? Now, I feel so on display. I can't help it, I am a sensual person, that's just the way my hips move, but I don't want it to be an invitation to ogle me. I guess that's why I prefer norwegian folk dancing to clubbing anymore, although I love to blast the Black Eyed Peas and rock out in my living room.

towwas said...

I always feel totally awkward in club-dancing situations. So finally I realized: I don't have to do it. I can just do dopey Norwegian dances. (And to that music, I can't not dance. When the telespringar rhythm is playing, I have to walk to it! I can't help it!) However, none of this stops me from playing loud music and flailing around my living room like a complete freaking idiot. When nobody's looking, of course.