Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boiling Point

Summer's coming. Have you felt it? ...the change in the air ...the heat starting to settle into its oppressive reign. The mercury's rising and with it the great emotional pot begins to bubble. I feel it in myself... I sense it in my friends... Subtle shifts in the experience of life...more joy...more anger...more sadness...more exuberance...more loneliness...more longing...more glee. The steam is starting to rise...off the pavement and our souls.

My dear friend in England needed to talk last night and I couldn't get through. I got a text message at 4:30 this morning from another friend who'd been too shaken by a bad dream to go back to sleep. "Write it," I said. "Get it out." That's my natural bent...but it occurred to me later that I should have said "Paint it," because that's his gift.

It occurred to me later that we, all of us (I think), are built with this marvelous capacity for feeling...this vast well of soul that soaks up every experience in our lives. I'm just not sure we were meant to keep it all to ourselves. I think we were created to express...and it matters exactly none whether anyone else ever sees or appreciates that expression.

Let it go...get it out...feel it say it sing it run it paint it write it ride it play it scream it blog it rhyme it sweat it draw it cook it dance it do it...vent the steam...crack the seal...let it rise.

Summer's coming...and I kind of hope it's a gloriously hot one.

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towwas said...

I really want it to be a happy summer. I really want it not to be as wacky as the last two weeks were. (Bad wacky, as opposed to good wacky.) I would prefer a summer more like this weekend. So let's hope that it's Memorial Day weekend, rather than the preceding two weeks, that set the tone for the next few months.