Friday, April 21, 2006


The Reluctant Enthusiast and I thought we were going to a bachelorette party/wedding weekend a year turned out to be an adventure that turned into a friendship.

Today, this...

Me: Ohmygosh! I forgot to tell you...
RE: (perking up) What?
Me: There's something very special happening this week and we haven't even acknowledged it!
RE: Oh yeah? (perking up more) What??
Me: Dude, it's totally our friendiversary!
RE: Oh! You're right! ( bouncing) ....if I had a tail, it would wag!!

(some things are just too funny not to blog :)

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BASSO said...

...short of not touching this with a ten foot pole, I say, "You GO!" it's something that is not celebrated enough. Friends really are a special thing - each different, serving different needs and having different needs. It's a cool thing. Happy Friendiversary!