Friday, February 10, 2006


[Background: Oracle is confusing. It's easy to blame "the system" even though there remains the possibility (however remote and unthinkable) that we're not experts some errors may be (gasp) our own...]

Person: "Well, I've just about got this one thing figured out."
Me: "Oh?"
Person: "Yep. Turns out that if you read the directions..."

I blinked twice and bit my tongue til it bled.


BASSO said...

..those things fall into the Oracle Error Code: ID10T

I Blog, You Blog said...

Oh my goodness that's funny! I wish I could share it more widely...heh

Rock on, Basso! :)

towwas said...

Ha! So I guess this person wasn't saying that to be funny?

BASSO said...

I'm now sitting here (uncharacteristically pleased) waiting for JM to show up for the 3:00 PM meeting I stayed around today to have with her. SES -- probably a full professor - I gave her 15 minutes, then dropped my package off on her table (she's obviously at another meeting and has blown me off -- or she was kidnapped by gypsies) I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, but the "unspent" time has been useful for web-searches and Blog bouncing and the like, so on I babble. Still no sign of her. I'm outta here soon anyway...oops NOT SO FAST THERE BIG BOY!!!!! So, my 3:00 started at 4:10 and just got over -- bother! That'll teach me - -I'm just lucky I sneaked in before the guy who had the 2:00 meeting. Now I'm happy! Have a good weekend!